About Us

We are Arnd and Heidi Enneking.


We are experienced and passionate farmers based at Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.


As farmers, our goal is to make farming a mutually profitable partnership between us and our farm.

By understanding natural systems and working with them, we can vastly improve the fertility of our soils and consequently the quantity and quality of our produce.


Healthier farms = Healthier people and healthier bank accounts!

Why Greenpatch Ag?


You save time & money in the search for answers.

  • We have 16 years of hard won practical experience and extensive formal training in all fields of regenerative and biological agriculture.

  • We offer an integrated service based on real world experience.

  • We train you to be in charge and not dependent on outside advice.  


  • Based on whole soil analysis, targeted nutrition and biological stimulation, we tailor a program to your individual goals.

  • We explain the biological processes happening in your soil, so you know what we are trying to achieve. Ultimately it is you that will have the knowledge and skills to build your soil fertility and your bottom line.