Tools to help achieve your goals.

We think of the right products as tools to use on the winding road to success. Regenerative farming is full of twists and turns. Through hard won experience we know which tools will help you succeed. We use all products we recommend, on our own farm first.  Our favourites are listed below.​

  • Functional Liquid Amino Fertilisers. Incorporating biological inoculation & stimulation with a full nutrient package. A true & cost effective replacement for granular nutrition that facilitates soil nutrient cycling.

  • Organic Liquid Amino Fertilisers. As before but for organically certified growers.

  • Non Toxic & Organic Disease Protection. An effective alternative to fungicides. An important tool to allow the development of the soil micro biome.

  • Open pollinated untreated seed. Seed you can keep, with no disruptive coatings.

  • Covercrop and specialty seeds. "Odd" seeds that can be hard to find.

  • Pasture seeds. 

  • Soil & seed inoculants.

  • Liquid fertiliser system components. Build your own system cheaply.